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The Right Bonsai Soil Mix

The secret to the right bonsai soil mix is the composition. So what do we do; buy read made bonsai soil or buy the ingredients and mix your own. Here is my simple answer: If you are going to pot over 2 or 3 bonsai, then it is cheaper to mix your own. Now let’s just assume that you want to mix your own. That way I’ll have something to write about.The Ingredients

As any Bonsai enthusiast knows the task of creating Bonsai soil mix can be a rather daunting task. You now only need to be aware of the different kinds of ingredients required but you also need to meet the requirements of your Bonsai project. Although there are only a few basic ingredients to a good soil mix, it must enable your bonsai to get a ready supply of water and nutrients as those will be essential for proper growth. Also here we must consider quality of the mix. Cutting a corner with one ingredient may have substantial adverse effects on your tree.

The right mix assures proper water retention and absorption of nutrients. This means having a soil mix that contains organic matter as well as humus. The mix must also provide good drainage which ensures that roots are not damaged by the presence of excessive amounts of water. A sufficient amount of grit and small sized stones will keep the soil from packing and assure proper drainage as well as allow air to penetrate into the mix. All the above considerations will ensure a healthy bonsai.

To recap, the right soil needs to ensure plenty drainage and at the same time proper water retention. Different species require different amounts of both water and nutrients. So now is when you tell me that I have you confused. That’s ok, I expect that at this point. I don’t have time to write a book here. I promise that I will followup with more on the right bonsai soil mix in the next few posts.

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