Taking Care Of Bonsai Tools


When looking at pruning, it is important to note that this is one of the most important steps in
the care of Bonsai. The unique designs created by pruning Bonsai tree or other plants are what
makes this a special hobby. The plants are shaped using pruning techniques and wire to train
them to grow into the desired look. Since pruning Bonsai tree is one of the basic steps in the
process, making sure the tools are in good condition is important to the over all process.

There are certain specialty tools that are used in the process.

Pruning Shears are small, scissor like, instruments that are small enough to work with the
miniature trees yet large enough handle to hold onto.
The Concave Cutter is designed for cutting branches flush to the trunk so the wound can heal with
little signs of scarring.
A Concave Branch Cutter is a razor sharp tool that is designed for cutting branches flush with
the trunk. It is widely considered the single most important tool for bonsai use.
A Hemp Brush is used to smooth the top soil and for cleaning Penjing displays.
Tweezers are used to pluck unwanted leaves from a smaller Bonsai tree.
The small Single Point Bonsai Root Rake is a handy tool that is often used to comb tangles out of
small to medium sized capillary roots during the repotting process.
All of these tools are important to the development of your bonsai and need to be taken care of.
Dull tools can also damage a tree, so always keep your tools sharp.

There are many more specility tools made specially for bonsai and they may all be found online
with a simple search.

A Clean Tool is a Healthy Tool:

When dealing with a diseased plant, keep in mind that if one plant has a disease it could be
spread to others so be sure to sterilize any tools that are used when working on a plant with a
disease. This can easily be done using boiling water but be sure to dry them off good afterward
and give them a coat of light oil.

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