How to Get Started With a Beginner Bonsai Tree


If you are one of those with apprehensions about growing bonsai you should simply select your first tree so the whole experience is one of learning and not one in which you will have chewed off more than you can handle. All you need to remember is that you need not worry too much about any particular species of tree because it is an art form that you will come to learn from making mistakes and you will become wiser as you progress through process.

To get down to brass tacks, you need to consider a few essential things regarding your selection and these include the cost, the time it takes for care and choosing the ideal bonsai tree. You need to be aware that much of the stuff that is being sold on the internet is less than satisfactory which means you would be better off with purchasing from a nursery or a gardening center of good repute so that you start off with a healthy tree.

As far as the ideal tree for bonsai is concerned, you will have plenty to choose from. Although I recommend a Juniper which is not only pleasant to look at, but is also not hard to care for and quite easy as far as training it is concerned. Or, you may want to check out a Japanese Maple that makes a wonderful first tree.

Next, you need to understand that growing bonsai also requires that you prune and also shape the tree so you get a proper style and if you choose a tree that is healthy you won’t face many problems, after which you should learn about how to water the plant, soil it needs and fertilizers. Last but not least is the repotting, all of which will enable you to keep the tree healthy and thriving.

Finally, you should not start working on the roots right away. It is better to work the crown first or at the top of the tree and work downwards. And, you also should not take out more than a third of the foliage of the tree at any given time and remember also that you will learn to become more adept once you put in time with growing bonsai.

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