How Often To Water A Bonsai Tree


One of the major factors to a healthy bonsai tree is to know how often to water a bonsai tree.
Many bonsai are used for indoor decoration and are most in need of special attention and care
especially in watering. Both indoor and outdoor bonsai plants will need different schedules for
how often to water a bonsai tree.

Determining How Often To Water:

Most bonsai trees and other plants will need more watering during warmer summer months as
compared to winter months and other seasons. How often to water your bonsai can also be
determined by the number of leaves and size of leaves on the plant. More leaves naturally
manufacture more food thus needing more nutrients and water. The size of the leaves will also
dictate how often to water because the bigger leaves will also manufacture more food for the
plant requiring more water and nutrients.

Being able to determine how often to water a bonsai is a handy thing to know especially when you
have the tree indoors. How often to water a bonsai placed indoors will depend largely on the
state of the soil. If the soil is dry and dusty, this means that the tree is in dire need of
watering. It is not good to let the soil reach a state where it is dusty. The plant may actually
be dying if it is in this state and it may be too late to save it by watering.

Effects of Humidity:

There are other factors that will help you determine how often to water a indoor bonsai. The
humidity of the area where it is placed will also determine a proper schedule. Humidity can help
to prolong the intervals between watering especially if you use a humidity tray. Regular misting
will also prolong the need to water. Using a humidity tray and mister are techniques commonly
used for tropical plants that need a more humid atmosphere. The mist and extra humidity obtained
from a humidity tray will mimic the rainforest.

Knowing how often to water your bonsai is very helpful especially if you have lots of trees in
your house. You will soon get to know the characteristics of each tree and learn when they need
more water; just by checking the soil for dryness. Although some bonsai, especially succulents, like it on the dry side so do a little research before making final decisions on watering needs.

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