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Bonsai soil: Normal or Special

The first question that needs to be answered when you are getting started with Bonsai is deciding whether to use normal soil or special Bonsai soil. The plain truth is that today growing Bonsai plants and trees has become a popular pastime which in turn means that many more stores have started selling Bonsai soil and supplies. Beginners to Bonsai generally tend to buy their Bonsai supplies indiscriminately and will purchase items that are not necessary.

A Simple and Inexpensive Task

Fortunately, purchasing Bonsai soil is simple and not very expensive and it only requires that it is well mixed and contains the right amounts of nutrients, grit and soil to ensure optimum. With the right Bonsai soil you stand a much better chance of succeeding, though at the same time you need to also be aware that Bonsai involves long term efforts and is not a hobby that can be treated as an overnight activity.

Proper Bonsai care not only requires providing right amounts of water, it also requires proper potting and the right Bonsai soil mix. The good news is that the cost of Bonsai soil is generally affordable and will not cost more than you will spend on buying regular compost or nutrients that are used in an everyday garden. You obviously need pick Bonsai soil that contains the right kind of ingredients which must include soil, clay, bark and whatever other ingredients that provides the right amount of nutrients. Once you have purchased your Bonsai soil you will then need to provide suitable drainage so that water reaches the roots and can easily exit from the through holes in the pot bottom.

In regard to the mix, you need to have the right composition. This means deciding on readymade soil or if you want to mix and match. Beginners often find it difficult to make the right decisions. It is most always safe to purchase ready made bonsai soil. All you need to know if it will be used for deciduous or coniferous tree.

I will be covering more on proper bonsai soil in the next few post so be sure to check back in a few.

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