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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Bonsai with a Pot

Choosing a Bonsai Pot Bonsai trees are delicate and beautiful plants that add great charm to an outdoor patio or an indoor décor. These gorgeous ...
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How to Get Started With a Beginner Bonsai Tree

If you are one of those with apprehensions about growing bonsai you should simply select your first tree so the whole experience is one of ...
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Picking a Bonsai to Fit Your Personality

Knowing what to look for when picking your bonsai starter trees is important to your success. First you need to consider specimen trees that will ...
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Grooming Your Bonsai

How To Keep Your Miniature Looking Beautiful Bonsai trees always look better with the proper grooming. What I mean by Grooming is Pruning.   You ...
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Creating your first Bonsai

Creating your first bonsai should be fairly simple and need not be expensive.  Your victim, opps, I mean specimen, can be picked up from almost any plant ...
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The Cause of Death of a Bonsai

This post is for those who say they have tried to keep a bonsai alive but failed.  Your disappointment was most likely caused from a ...
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