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Creating Your Own Bonsai

Plant Selection: Create your own bonsai be beginning with plants that do well in your area and meet some basic requirements. Following are some plants ...
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bonsai accessories

Bonsai Accessories: Practical and Fun

It isn’t at all uncommon to walk into someone’s office and see a small Bonsai tree growing on their desk. The small size and artistic ...
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Juniper Bonsai

Juniper is the Most Common Tree Used for Bonsai

Actually the Juniper probably the most common tree found in any Bonsai collection. If you want to get started in the art of bonsai, I ...
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Bonsai Techniques of Interest to Everyone

There are many things about the Art of Bonsai that I believe may be safely considered of interest to everyone.  I thought that may be ...
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Reviving Your Bonsai

A bonsai tree is may be unique and beautiful in itself.  Often people receive these as gifts without a clue as to how to care ...
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Bonsai Tips for the Beginner

The Art of Bonsai may be defined as the miniaturization of big trees. Some major pruning must be done to the below ground portion of ...
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