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Bonsai Accessories: Practical and Fun


It isn’t at all uncommon to walk into someone’s office and see a small Bonsai tree growing on their desk. The small size and artistic nature of the Bonsai make them an appealing choice for your office decor. People who are serious about making a statement with their Bonsai have even begun to use accessories to draw attention to their trees.

Practical Accessories:

The most important Bonsai accessories are the accessories that can be used to improve the overall health and appearance of the your tree. The most avid gardeners make sure they have Bonsai accessories that include branch cutters, tweezers, and fertilizer that is specially made for grooming and health of their trees.
The most commonly used accessory is the training wire. The best training wire is annealed solid copper wire. Annealed copper wire is preferred because it is supple and easy to bend when it is first used but strengthens over time,
providing your Bonsai with extra support. The other perk of the copper training wire is that it also blends with the tree’s natural coloring and doesn’t harm the tree’s bark.
The trays and pots the Bonsai are planted in also make a very nice accessory. There are a wide selection of trays and pots to choose from. Simply changing the miniature trees base is sometimes all that is needed to feel like your  entire office has been redecorated. Make sure the small holes in the bottom are covered with a screen. The screen will keep all your soil in the pot while allowing any excess water to drain.

Fun Accessories:

Bonsai accessories aren’t just limited to the practical, there are several fun and exciting accessories that may be used to aid in your tree’s visual appearance. Decorative tree stands and tables are popular and often used to place the
Bonsai in a prominent place. Other people prefer to use decorative moss and strategically placing stones to accessorize their trees.
People who are looking for fun gifts to give friends that enjoy Bonsai may want to pick up a few decorative figurines that can be placed in the pot with the tree. Many stores and websites that sell Bonsai have also started to sell
holiday ornaments that are the perfect size to hang on a bough.

Most figurines that are sold as Bonsai accessories have an oriental style.  These tiny figurines with an oriental flare are often called “mud figurines”.
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