Me and My Bonsai

denbonsai400wI have been creating bonsai for over 25 years. My interest goes back more than 25 years but it was around twenty-five years ago that I answered an ad in a local paper that read something like this; “Have you ever heard of the fascinating art of bonsai? Have you ever been curious or interested in those little bonsai trees you often see in the Japanese or Chinese gardens? If you would like to learn  about the art of bonsai; call this number”.     I did call and was invited to attend a meeting where I joined a group that was later to become ‘The Greater Evansville Bonsai Society’ where I became president for 2 consecutive years in the early 90’s.    I highly recommend you join a nearby club or organization.

I had many wonderful opportunities during my tenure there; working with and meeting many great Bonsai Masters over the 10 years that followed my introduction to this fascinating and wonderful new hobby.  I would attempt to drop their names on a list here but would then run the risk of omitting some that I owe so much for the bonsai knowledge they were so willing to impart and share with me.  So I will take the safe route by saying that I owe my Bonsai background to this great group of bonsai people.

My bonsai journey led me to many workshops around the country as both participant and presenter over the years. I must admit that I have been the cause of death to several of these little trees. I do not like to admit that fact but those that have been around bonsai for any period of time would realize that I would be lying if I said otherwise. Each time I lost a tree there was a lesson to be learned and that bit of wisdom came to me from the old master himself, John Naka.    I remember him saying, “you never stop learning”, and I have found that to be so very true with Bonsai.    I consider myself very fortunate and priveledged to have attended more than one of the workshops presented by this great master of the art.  There are always new challenges and always new and unique specimens in which to apply and practice your art.

The reason I started this blog was three-fold:

  1. Introduce my new book to the world community; Creating Bonsai
  2. To learn by helping others develop and create their bonsai.
  3. A way for me to indulge and delve deeper into this beautiful art for the benefit of both myself and others.

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Here’s to your success with Creating Bonsai.

Dennis Nolan
Author: Creating Bonsai

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